On My Way

Countdown: 4 days to go to King Richard III’s reinterment. 

The East Midlands train just pulled out of St. Pancras Station and I am vibrating with excitement. If I switch to a higher pitch, I might split into two. I have a feeling that there are other Ricardians on this train, after a while you are able to find your kind. I actually stopped a lady with an Indigo shopping bag who was walking down the platform and asked her if she was a Canadian and if she was on her way to the funeral. She looked a little confused. I have to keep reminding myself that no everyone is on a Ricardian pilgrimage.

I have nothing planned for today except for viewing the funeral cortege (and getting the winkles out of my dress and hat). If I can. I am a little worried that Leicester is going to be teeming with people, Ricardians and non-Ricardians alike. When was the last time I got to be part of a medieval king’s reinterment? I can’t remember off the top of my head. When was anyone of my acquaintance part of a medieval monarch’s reinterment?

As I said to my friend this morning as he was dropping me off at the station at the start of my journey, I will likely remember the next four days for the rest of my life.

(On a lighter note, people keep saying to me, “You must be looking forward to this funeral”. They then catch themselves and say what a nasty thing that is to say. I just respond that you haven’t met some of my in-laws.)

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