Interesting Facts about King Richard III — Part Five

King Richard III is interred. Requiescat in pace.

Conversation flagging at a cocktail party? Tense moment at the family dinner table? Run into someone at the office water cooler? Hoping to impress your true love with a tasty bit of trivia? Try one of these interesting facts about King Richard III — part of an on-going series — to start the conversation or return it to a more even keel. (You’re most welcome.)

  • In 1460, the future King Richard III, along with his brother George and his sister Margaret, lived in a London residence owned by the Paston Family for several months. Christophe Hausson, a servant of the Pastons, wrote on 12 October 1460 that, “Lord March [the future Edward IV] cometh every day to see them.”
  • n 1475, Edward IV, along with Richard, invaded France, in part to revive the English claim to the French throne. Louis XI offered the invaders a substantial bribe to return to England. Edward accepted it, while Richard refused, making Louis his enemy, and it was Louis who gave Henry Tudor protection and then supplies to mount his invasion of England ten years later.
  • King Richard III was crowned in Westminster Abbey on 6 July 1483, just 10 days after accepting the crown.
  • Edward of Middleham, King Richard III’s son, was created Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester in York Minster on 8 September 1483.
  • King Henry VI was originally buried in Chertsey Abbey in Surrey, but was reinterred in 1484 by orders of King Richard III in Windsor Castle’s St George’s Chapel.
  • When Henry Tudor landed at Mitford Haven in August 1485 to fight King Richard III, he had been living abroad for half his life.
  • Henry VII backdated the start of his reign a day earlier to 21 August 1485 so that he could prosecute anyone who had fought under King Richard III. Although, a general pardon was later issued to those who had fought for Richard
  • Following the dismantling of Greyfriars during the Dissolution of the Monasteries, a number of materials from the buildings were used to repair nearby St Martin’s Church, now Leicester Cathedral, where King Richard III will be reinterred in March 2015.
  • Peter Cook portrayed King Richard III in The Black Adder. The character is kind towards the so-called Princes in the Tower and – spoiler alert – is killed in battle by Edmund Blackadder.
  • Sharon Kay Penman re-wrote the manuscript of The Sunne in Splendour after it was stolen from her car, eventually spending 12 years on her novel about King Richard III.
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