Latest News leading up to King Richard III’s Reinterment

Countdown: 15 days to go to King Richard III’s reinterment.

There were two announcements made recently concerning King Richard III.

Yesterday, based on the DNA research by Dr Turi King, the updated facial reconstruction of King Richard III was unveiled. The facial reconstruction now features blond hair and lighter blue eyes (hopefully they aren’t as cross-eyed as before) as King determined that King Richard III had blond hair as a child (which might have darken as he grew older) and blue eyes. Fortunately, the facial reconstruction’s House-of-Lords eyebrows have been redone and now look a little less scary. (I know that tweezers were used by the Ancient Egyptians, but I don’t know if they were in use during the Middle Ages in England.)

To see the updated facial reconstruction and for more information visit King Richard III – as you’ve never seen him before…

This morning, the Looking for Richard Project team announced that King Richard III’s remains would be coffined in a holy place. It had been originally proposed that King Richard III would be coffined in a laboratory, however, due to public pressure, the ceremony will be held in a former chapel within the University of Leicester. In addition, it will be done in the presence, and with the prayers, of a Catholic Chaplain. According to the Looking For Richard Project, “[t]his, under church doctrine, will transform the former chapel back to its original designation as a place of religion for the short duration of the coffining service.”

To read more about this, visit Looking For Richard Project.

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