King Richard III Documentary Footage

Countdown: 16 days to go to King Richard III’s reinterment. 

Some new videos have been released about the various events surrounding the discovery of King Richard III and his upcoming reinterment. The most interesting videos in my opinion are:

The Moment Archaeologist Mathew Morris Found Richard III’s Remains
Technically, this should be called “the moment archaeologist Mathew Morris confirms that he unearthed an articulated portion of a skeleton” but it’s worth watching as it’s good to see that the bones were treated so well as they remained in situ.

Richard III – Identifying the Remains
Drs Turi King and Jo Appleby talk about the methods they used to establish the identity of the Greyfriars warrior, later confirmed as King Richard III.

Richard III – The Scientific Outcome
I still love watching this announcement and getting goosebumps with Richard Buckley’s concluding statement.

Time lapse video of second dig
This Culture24 video is 11 minutes long, but it’s very interesting. I recommend that you watch this in full screen mode as there is a lot of detail that you can’t make out with the tiny thumbnail video.

For the whole suite of University of Leicester videos, visit “Richard III videos made available to the public by University of Leicester

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