Just A Month To Go

Countdown: 28 days to go to King Richard III’s reinterment.

At about seven-thirty Eastern Standard Time this morning I thought to myself that in a month’s time King Richard III’s reinterment would be underway.*

Here’s a list of what I have planned at this time to enjoy during my visit to Leicester:

Sunday, March 22 (Arrival)
Cortege of King Richard III

Monday, March 23
Leicester Cathedral for the Richard III Society-only Memorial Service

Tuesday, March 24
Concert for a King – Music from the Time of Richard III

Wednesday, March 25
Wygston’s House Stained Glass Tour
King Richard III Visitor Centre
Leicester and King Richard III talk

Thursday, March 26 (Departure)
Reinterment of King Richard III live on television

To fit in:
Jewry Wall Museum
The Guildhall
King Richard III in Repose
Leicester Castle Mini Tours
The Magazine Gateway
St. Mary de Castro
King Richard III’s statue
King Richard III walking tour (pdf)

* We are usually five hours behind Greenwich Mean Time, but the clocks go forward for daylight saving time before I leave, so we will be only four hours behind. The clocks go forward in the UK the weekend after King Richard III’s reinterment.

(One of the reasons I started this blog was the blank or nervous looks I got when telling people about my upcoming trip to the UK. Now you can see why.)

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3 Responses to Just A Month To Go

  1. Tracy says:

    And don’t forget you have to fit time in to spend with your favourite Ricardian gal-pal!

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  2. Liz says:

    Leicester’s sites can be covered in a day (including the museum). Why not add a trip to the Battle of Bosworth battlefield? I bet there’s a county bus that can take you out there if you don’t have a car. Adrian and I went recently and it was actually quite a nice outing.



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