The adventure has begun!

Countdown: 61 days to go to King Richard III’s reinterment. 

This past Monday morning, shortly after nine, I learned that I was going to be attending the Memorial Service for King Richard III in Leicester on Monday, March 24th, two months from today. The first person I told was the man walking up my front path who was getting rid of the raccoons that had taken up residence under our dining room the previous weekend.

I had applied for all four events surrounding King Richard’s reinterment back in late November and had already learned last week that two fellow Canadians had spots for the last of these events, the unveiling of King Richard’s tomb on Friday, March 27th. The other reinterment events will be the arrival of King Richard’s body into the Cathedral on Sunday, March 22nd and the actual reinterment itself on Thursday, March 26th.

I had a list of people to let know I got into the Memorial Service — my mother, my sister (who’d been calling every day to see if I had got in), my husband, my fellow Ricardian friend, my uncle who lives in England. You get the idea.

I was hesitant to let my fellow Ricardian friend know my news as she had also applied to attend the various events and I didn’t want to make it seem like I was bragging. However, she was going to know sooner or later and I thought she’d like to know that there was still hope. So I called her at work and truthfully said that it was the hardest call I’d ever had to place to her and let her know my news. Like any good friend she was delighted for me. She then said that she would quickly try to log into her home account to learn if she’d got any news herself. I waited with bated breath and she started to read out, “With reference to your entry in the recent ballot, on behalf of the Society, we are delighted to send you the following message…” and I actually jumped up and down in delight for her. She’d got into the same service I had and all was right with the world.

I also took to Facebook and announced that my ballot had been successful and got lots of congratulations and likes.

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